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Cisco CCNA / CCNP Certification Exam: Same Command, Different Results

September 23rd, 2022

As a CCNA or CCNP,Guest Posting one thing you’ve got to get used to is that change is constant. Cisco regularly issues new IOS versions, not to mention the many different kinds of hardware they produce! While it’s always nice to have “the latest and the greatest” when it comes to routers, switches, firewalls, etc., we have to be prepared for the fact that not all our clients are going to have that latest and greatest!

For instance, there are still quite a few Catalyst 5000 switches out there humming away, and if you’re used to working on IOS-driven switches like the 2950, the same command can have dramatically different results.

Let’s say you’re going to examine the spanning tree protocol (STP) setup of a new client. You’re used to working with newer 2950 switches, and you’ve always run show span on those switches to display spanning-tree information. Then, you run show span on a Catalyst 5000 – and something like this shows:

switch (enable) show span

Destination : Port 6/1

Admin Source : Port 6/2

Oper Source : Port 6/2

Direction : transmit/receive

Incoming Packets: disabled

Learning : enabled

Multicast : enabled

Filter : -

Status : active

Total local span sessions: 1

What’s going on here?

The command show span on a 5000 will not show spanning tree stats – instead, what you’re going to see are statistics relating to Switched Port ANalyzer (SPAN). Surprise!

Consider an example where you’re used to running show span on 5000 switches to see SPAN information. When you run that on a 2950, you know now what you’re going to get – spanning tree information! To get SPAN stats on a 2950, you’ll need to run show monitor session, followed by the SPAN session number.

How to Set Up A Local Small Auto Business Networking Group With the Chamber of Commerce

March 21st, 2022

About a decade ago, I was running a franchising company which sold mobile auto detailing and mobile car wash rigs around the country. It was a very fun business to run, and I can remember helping our franchisees work with their local chambers of commerce in the hopes that they would get more business. Let me tell you that when you work with the local business community, especially if you do personal services and business-to-business services then it more than pays for itself, the membership that is.

Of course, membership isn’t enough, “you only get out what you put in” as they say. Yes, that is especially true when it comes to chambers and business organizations. Okay so let’s talk shall we?

If you run a small auto business, and it hardly matters what type I highly recommend that you get with a networking group, or set up your own networking group in conjunction with the local Chamber of Commerce. You should be networking with other auto services such as;

1. Oil Change Companies
2. Tire Shops
3. Towing Services
4. Auto Repair Companies
5. Auto Dealership Fleet Sales Divisions
6. Aftermarket Auto Audio Equipment
7. Promoters of Car Shows
8. Car Rental Agencies
9. Auto Insurance Agents

In fact, you should have an entrepreneur or businessperson in each one of these categories – folks that will come to a weekly meeting which you should also attend. You should exchange clientele lists, and do cross referring to get more business. You should especially do this if you are hurting for sales due to a harsh economy where you have to chase down every dollar, just to turn a profit. Indeed, in the lean times that’s what we did, and we were quite successful at it.

I’d recommend you go into the local Chamber of Commerce find out who’s already a member, especially in those categories, and ask the chamber president if they will allow you to set up such a local auto services group and networking club, one that can meet at the actual chamber offices once per week. By doing this you will ensure that you have businesses which have integrity, and our community players.

Those are the types of businesses you should be networking with, those are the good companies, and you won’t be burned when you refer one of those companies to your best clientele. Well, that’s what we did, and we did it because it works. I ask that you please consider all this and think on it.